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Dr Kelly Adams MD

A Physician Mom Who Became A "Professional" Patient

As a neonatologist, I wanted my patients' families to trust me. I was trained to take care of their vulnerable newborns. So, as a patient, I thought the best course of action was to trust my own physicians, their diagnosis and "expertise" until that faith in them lead to a stroke that would end my own career.  Bias in medicine exists. I believe we should talk about it! Everyday is a new day to take action to preserve and improve our heath and wellbeing.

Rock Maze

The Scar

He walked towards me rolling his small black carry on bag. An odd scene in the halls of a state Superior Court hallway lined with its...

Of Ambition and Challenge(r)

I sat alone on the green flowed couch in our family room looking at my college acceptance letter. I was going to college. Emotions of...

A Mother’s Gift

I just finished reading (actually listening) a memoir called ‘The Unraveling of the Miracle’ by Julie Yip-Williams. A beautiful...

Life in a time of uncertainty!

I had to go to Target the other day for baby Aspirin. Yep, I was running out of my little yellow pill. We first stopped at Costco, but...

Poor You.... A Day at the Beach

It is a beautiful morning. I am alone today at this beautiful beach. My husband has work matters to take care of. So, I took the snorkel...


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