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Dr Kelly Adams MD

A Physician Mom Who Became A "Professional" Patient

As a neonatologist, I wanted my patients' families to trust me. I was trained to take care of their vulnerable newborns. So, as a patient, I thought the best course of action was to trust my own physicians, their diagnosis and "expertise" until that faith in them lead to a stroke that would end my own career.  Bias in medicine exists. I believe we should talk about it! Everyday is a new day to take action to preserve and improve our heath and wellbeing.

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The Scar

He walked towards me rolling his small black carry on bag. An odd scene in the halls of a state Superior Court hallway lined with its...

Of Ambition and Challenge(r)

I sat alone on the green flowed couch in our family room looking at my college acceptance letter. I was going to college. Emotions of...

A Mother’s Gift

I just finished reading (actually listening) a memoir called ‘The Unraveling of the Miracle’ by Julie Yip-Williams. A beautiful...

Life in a time of uncertainty!

I had to go to Target the other day for baby Aspirin. Yep, I was running out of my little yellow pill. We first stopped at Costco, but...

Poor You.... A Day at the Beach

It is a beautiful morning. I am alone today at this beautiful beach. My husband has work matters to take care of. So, I took the snorkel...

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